Enough of the 20-somethings! Let's talk about the 17-somethings.

1:54 PM

We've all heard of what 20 somethings are put through, what it's like to be a 20- something but have you ever thought about what 17- somethings have to withstand?

Being a 17-something, I know it's a very wonderful experience.You're almost the new adult in the family who knows how to manage his/her own life. You're given responsibilities that you have to lift and whole lot of other stuff. You have to live up to everybody's expectations and you have to just be PERFECT!

This is the time when you're stuck between whether you wanna be a writer or an engineer. Whether machines really get the best of you or you really are a business kinda person. These are the career-planning years. You're afraid. You fear that a wrong choice here and you're screwed for life. You're afraid as a child.. yet they want you to behave as an adult.  You are too conscious about what you wear and how you look cause that cute little sweetheart in  your high school is going to be there at the party. You don't want yourself to be laughed at. Of-course you don't want to be become a douche-bag. You still don't know how to drive a car. You don't know how to prepare breakfast for yourself. You don't know how to clean up your room akin to the way your Mom does it. You're afraid of everything. You are not enjoying your life. You are afraid of grades. It's been said earlier that, grades don't measure intelligence, yet it has no effect on you. you still worry about how to cram things and good grades. You're afraid of your parents scolding you,you're dad telling you you're a loser! You hate that Maths class at school and don't know when will these equations help you get through some realistic work.

You hate the world and the it's norms that have been there for ages. You want to counterpart them and live your life your own way. Sadly, you're not allowed to do so. First, you have to be good at Primary School. The next level is the High School. Then you have to become a person your parents want you to, disregarding your own ambitions, and finally enter their dream college to pursue their dream to get into their dream field and earn their dream salary to fulfill the rest of their dreams. Their's. Not Your's.

And that's the shit about this world.

And yet, people say that teenage years are the best years of your life. It's we, the 17-somethings who know that this ain't a piece of cake. 

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