Enjoy life now. This is not a rehearsal!

1:55 PM

Yep! This is it. Because if you keep waiting for the perfect time, you might as well never get there, You know why? Cause there is no such time that you could label as Perfect.

Whether you want to be a Photographer, a writer, a tennis star, a batsman, a bowler, a dancer, an actress.. Whatever it may be, yo have to start NOW.  Do you really think you're doing yourself a whole lot of good in holding in your passion and hesitating to showcase your skills. You don't know how badly the world requisites talent.

It might be that you're really afraid of rejection and you can't just go out and perform.  But you should tell your heart not to worry so much .Is it even gonna matter in about five years? Even if they laugh at you, even if they tell you that you're not good enough, just ignore the bastards and do what you really think is right for you now.

Life is too short to live with regrets. Go climb the damn mountain! Yeah it'd take guts, but the view from above? Mesmerizing ♥ :')

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