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Imagine going out to eat and ordering a salad, only to have your parents scrutinize you that the last thing you're going to have today is that leafy salad. "Son, have soup!"
How would you feel? The choice between soup and salad is a fairly benign one, but it demonstrates a characteristic of human nature : we don't like to be forced into decisions., we are capable of making for our ourselves. After all it's our life and we, and only we have the right to choose anything and everything in our lives. We resist compulsion. Even when we face more serious decisions, ones related with careers, spouse etc. You may claim that parents play an important role in deciding their child's future as they raised their child and they brought him into this world and they have all the right in world to make him do what they want him to. This is just not right.  Parent's should always consider what the child's dreams are. I think quite a few parents have lives they are satisfied with, so they want their child to follow a similar path. The parent s may think it is what is best for their child but they might not know or consider what will make them happy. I think parents should do their best to raise their child but and eventually allowing the little champ to do with his life what he thinks is right for him.

Okay the child's not experienced. He/She's going to take this key decision for the first time. He might make mistakes and put himself in a rocky situation. But that's a part of life. You're going to make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. You Do. I Do. What's so annoying about that small child's mistake?
And the important point to put emphasis on is that in the end the child would be happy if they are doing something they are happy with and are not frustrated with some fucking shitty job just because their parents, some guy on the television or his/her teacher told him told to.

 `` Thou mayest choose for thyself! ``

Stop forcing him to become an engineer just because you couldn't be one! Let him do what he's best at and see him play with world. Force him and see your life being played by him.

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