Don't trouble yourself with trouble. Ditch them out.

2:19 PM

We all have problems. Yeah me too. Yeah you too. Yeah Cameron Diaz Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Sachin Tendulkar, Kareena Kapoor, Megan Fox, Mila kunis,.. Everybody has problems.

You may think of yourself as a dumb retard whose entire life is a big mistake and that you don't deserve to be alive right now! But is that making a difference? Worrying about how less bucks you make, how much work is still lying pending and stuff like that ? No! Worrying is nothing but putting yourself in a box you lost a key of; no way out.

What you can do is stop worrying and start taking life moment by moment. Stop worrying about what would happen after 5 years, what would happen if you ditch your job and start-up a new Business. You want that ? Go Make it happen. As long as you're worrying, you're just burning your cells for no reason. How about partying a bit, laughing a bit, talking to your closed ones a lot, enjoying life a lot? Okay.. the cells still go to infinite sleep.. But at-least their death made you smile. xD Come on Buddies! Live your life. 'Cause Mr. Jesus, All the 33 crore Devi Devtas of the Indian Mythology, The Islam and All the Sikh gurus have already figured it out. Your over thinking won't change anything. what's meant to happen will happen. think of the consequences of doing everything with your whole heart? IT might just work out. :') Stop worrying. Start Doing. ♥
P.S. : [ I believe GOD is one. You should too; from now on! ] 

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