Christmas. Christmas. Christmas. ♥

9:20 PM

                           Merry Christmas - 9 days to go :') 

Oxford Street - London
Christmas is just around the corner and I wonder what I'm going to do on yet another 25 December.
Well, here in India, people are not very enthusiastic as far as Christ's birthday is concerned. But, a part of the country is filled with Christians and posters of Jesus and the wonderful trees can be found in every corner of the street. The houses are decorated and bells are hung and there are placards telling people that 25 December is gonna be awesome.
Source : Pinterest

Several different plays are organised including the mighty famous " A Christmas Carol " and others of the same line. Those red-white balloons lingering down the aisle and how can anybody overlook those beautifully hand-decorated Christmas Trees. The bells and the gifts and the socks and the wishlists ♥ It is rightly said, Christmas is not a season, it!s a feeling. :)

Christmas Tree - Some mall in New Delhi. Source : Google

Unlike that extravagant Oxford Street Christmas Lights, the lights here on the streets of the poor people make you feel humanity. Christmas is such a lovely time. xD
I'm fairly excited about it. Jingle bells Jingle Bells.... Wooohoooo :D
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