An open letter to my best friend.

10:58 PM

Dear [ My girl Best Friend ],

I know you love me. You love a lot and I love you too. You've been always there for me when everyone left. You're my lifeline. Heaven would be the most auspicious gift that I could ever gift you, if that was  possible. I want to share all the happiness of my life with this piece of heaven that god gave me. I need you. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, be-you-tiful. You're like a soul-mate to me. I owe you a lot, A LOT, but that doesn't mean you own me. You get my point? You don't have the right to scold me for not talking to you as much as you'd like. You cannot scold me for not listening to you when all you needed was someone to listen. Okay I'm not always there and I might not be in the near future too. I tell you that iloveyou but only when I really get the urge to apprise that feeling. You should know that i love you with all my heart. You should know me that there are times when I don't like to talk to anybody on this piece of shit. Those moments are pretty common if I'm going through some bad days. When I first met you, you looked a very nice human being and that's the reason I'm still your best friend. But if you reckon that our friendship is contract between us in which a clause clearly says that you need me to be here anytime you want, then please, you don't need a friend like me. You need a robot. A servant. But, you seriously don't need me. And If you can't bear with that weirdness of mine then I can arrange a servant for you and you can say your goodbye and leave. Mind you, Our friendship has hung for this long with agreement with both the parties. It's your choice to leave me or love me. But, Please. Don't think you own me. Anyway Iloveyou. ♥

Yours lovingly,
Abhishek Soni.

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