7 ways to be happy; Always!

10:21 PM

Who on earth doesn't wanna be happy? xD Here are some simple, yet interesting ways to help you move those beautiful lips side ways ( No! It's not about kissing xD )

  1. Don't give a damn! No matter what others think of you, just don't give them the sight of your sad face.
  2. Enjoy the little things. It could just be your mother serving you your favorite dish or your sister telling you that you're the best brother in this world. Cherish those moments. You're never promised tomorrow.
  3. Listen to music. Research shows that music tends to release happy hormones that can instantly brighten up your mood.
  4. Try to be kind. Do good things. Distract your mind.
  5. Your heart believes whatever you tell it. Tell it that "Aal izz well" ( All's well ).
  6. Hobbies. Try new things and see how it goes. It never hurts to take calculated risks. Who knows GOD allotted that profession for you.
  7. Just Be Happy! Who knows that girl you lost has a really beautiful cousin who's in love with your teeth? xP
Enjoy ♥ Have any suggestions? What's the comment section for? :')

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